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G1 100 paintball beanie features


Lightweight compacted fabric blends to absorb impact at most targeted areas.



Double layer Dri fit highly absorbent terry cloth and moister wicking fabric blends that will keep you dry allaround forehead, ears, and back of the neck.



Functional design and breathable head mesh will maximize airflow and lower player’s temperature during high levels of gameplay


Designed to protect the high targeted areas while maintaining low temperature with added comfort

  • Forehead and ear protection - sweat-wicking double density dry-fit absorbent material
  • Head ventilation – super lightweight, stretchable ,breathablematerial to maximize airflow during gameplay
  • The added thickness on the forehead and temple pushes the paintball mask forward millimeters from the nose improving breathing
  • Low profile – minimalist , streamlined look.
  • Tournament compliant